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7 Instant Multi Level Marketing Tips That Produce Results

Are you building a network marketing empire solely online? If so you are going to be disappointed with the lack of leads that you will have to talk to until you are able to generate 10+ leads per day. Here are some multi level marketing tips that you can immediately implement to generate leads to introduce to your main opportunity.

Multi Level Marketing Tips #1

Work events. Find one or two meet up groups in your local area that you can attend and begin to collect business cards. You’re goal should be to collect twenty-five cards per event and will give you plenty of prospects to expose your opportunity to until you can start generating leads online. When you are networking at these events ask as many questions about them as possible. Keep them talking about themselves for about five to ten minutes before moving on to the next person and never tell anyone about your business.

The next day follow up with each prospect and ask them this question, “Hey, I just meet you at this event last night and you seemed like a really nice person. I didn’t get a chance to chat with you very long and I’m just going to throw this out there. Would you be open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing? Most people will be receptive and congratulations you just got an exposure, which is required in order for us to make any money.

Multi Level Marketing Tips #2

Post-It Notes. This is a little known strategy to generating leads offline. What you want to do is post notes all across your town in high traffic areas such as gas pumps. On each note say something like this…

Superstars Only
Make $50-300k
Don’t Even Call Unless You Are a Producer and Can Prove It
Your phone number

Whenever one of these leads calls you ask them questions and begin to build a relationship with them. Here are a few questions you can ask potential business partners:

-Why do you consider yourself a producer?
-What is it that you’re looking for?
-What are you’re goals?

Then send them to watch a video presentation or a pre-recorded conference call or webinar. Whatever you do make sure it is duplicable.

Multi Level Marketing Tips #3

Realtor signs. Take several different routes while driving to work whenever you a realtor sign take down their name and phone number. Realtors are the perfect type of people you want to talk to because they work for a commission and are open to new ways of making money especially in the past few years with the economic down turn.

Multi Level Marketing Tips #4

Card grab. Find places in your area that have corkboards where people place their business cards for advertising. Take them home with you and begin to call them. You can say something like this…”I’m not sure where I found your card but would you be open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you are doing?

These people want to make more money or they would not be advertising.

Multi Level Marketing Tips #5

Local Google Alerts. Set Google Alerts on cities around you to be auto-emailed to you. Let the news come to you and it will help you get more leads. Contact people featured in the news and prospect them, but do not throw up on them with your business opportunity concentrate on building relationships. People don’t do business with people that they don’t know, like, and trust, so establish a relationship first and then expose them to your opportunity.

Multi Level Marketing Tips #6

People you meet. Whenever you meet someone at the grocery store you strikes you as someone that you would want to work with strike up a conversation with them. Not sure what to say? Complement them on their clothes, shoes, necklace, kids, etc. Once you’ve got the conversation going do not pitch them on your business. Ask them about their family, occupation, recreation.

Once you have established rapport you can transition the conversation by saying, “Just throwing it out there. Would you be open to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?” If they ask you to give them the details tell them that you are busy right now, but you will get back with them within the next 48 hours. Get their contact info and leave.

Multi Level Marketing Tips #7

Asking for referrals. Always ask everyone you meet for referrals. After an exposure if for some reason they don’t get started in your business say, “You have got to know someone who has been affected by the economy or lost their job, do you mind if I shared this with them?

If they say they don’t know anyone who is struggling say, “No? Really? There is no one you want to help? Nobody is struggling? After you contact the referrals they give you call them back asking for more because there is a chance they will give you more. The guy I learned this strategy from received 157 referrals from ONE person!